Sasa Ostoja
1botanico island low res lichtbak.jpg

Ace & Tate

Ace & Tate | Turn on the Lights

Ace & Tate invited two artists to celebrate the end of 2018’s Amsterdam Light Festival. Saša Ostoja and Meeus van Dis share their perspective on light with an in-store installation commissioned by Ace & Tate.

Botanico Island (2018)
Lightbox by Saša Ostoja

‘The island where Saša Ostoja’s odd but surprising flora and fauna fuse and florish together. The place no human being will interfere and where nature can thrive in its true natural habitat. The place where our evolution has made an exit, and animal- and plant like organisms triumph without borders, frameworks or set norms. Abound with adventurous stories, these curious creatures crawl through their biodiversity and fabulously botanical island – where anything can happen.’
Text by Flora de Vries

botanico island low res lichtbak.jpg

glass and wood, 100x150cm


Promotion material for Ace & Tate